Head and Face Visor

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Head and Face Visor

A PVC protective face screen with an adjustable band that covers both the face and head. Easy to assemble and apply using special fasteners. Screen dimensions: 340 x 247 mm x 100 mm.

For further protection, our PVC visors are available in two formats: a face visor or a head and face visor. They come with an adjustable band for comfort. Minimum quantity of 25.

Please note that our masks are not classed as PPE or a medical device, they are for use by the general public. They add a layer of protection that can help to shield you and your loved ones when used in conjunction with preventive action such as social distancing and washing hands.

Not personal protective equipment or a medical device. Not tested for prolonged use. Not suitable for uses other than splash and droplet protection (can be used for gardening or building work, for example).

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Face visors

PVC visors are becoming an essential device for companies that want to protect the safety of their staff and customers. Print Crew face visors are not an item of PPE but they are designed to shield the face, which can help to prevent the spread of viruses in the workplace when combined with other preventive measures such as social distancing and hand washing. Whether you are a manufacturing company with workers in production areas or you have a shop or business serving customers in person, face protection visors are a vital tool.

PVC face visors

Our PVC visors are made from transparent PVC, which means that they are lightweight but resistant. They are easy to assemble and come with an adjustable band so that you can ensure that you get the right fit, which is especially important if they will be worn for long periods of time. Two different models are available, one that covers the face only and one that covers the face and the front of the head. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Face Visor: 340 x 247 mm
  • Head and Face Visor: 340 x 247 x 100 mm

Both face visors are single-use but they can be washed with alcohol.

Order PVC visors online

With Print Crew, the ordering process is easy. Simply choose the model you require, then a list of quantities with their corresponding prices will automatically be displayed so that you can choose the right option for your requirements and budget. You will also see an estimated delivery date to give you an idea of how quickly your face visors will be delivered with our reliable shipping service. If you have any questions or any specific requests, our friendly Support teams are on hand to help.

Face visors and more

In light of the global struggle we are all facing at the moment, Print Crew has developed a special category containing ideas to support you through the coronavirus emergency. If you are looking for products to protect your employees and customers, the Business Materials section is a great place to start, whereas if you are working remotely take a look at our Home Working Equipment. For those seeking protection for themselves and their loved ones, our Fabric Face Masks can be ordered in as little as five units.

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